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Welcome to Dignity HRS

Welcome to Dignity HRS. This is Dignity HRS's first blog post, which just goes to prove every day is a school day! We are a new company offering expert HR solutions to modern day issues in the workplace. The name of the company arose for a number of reasons; firstly, my own observations are that there is considerable work to be done to ensure positive, dignified workplace cultures are the norm. Almost everyday there is media coverage relating to bullying and employee discontent, and increasingly a focus on the culture of the workplace.

Secondly, Dignity by Deacon Blue is my favourite song, a song of hope and aspiration, and the dignity of the quiet person who saves their money to fulfil their dream.

In my career as an HR Director I found many of the problems I had to resolve were rooted in someone somewhere treating someone else, or a group of people, with a lack of dignity and respect. I also found in my own management and leadership career, that in many instances the opposite was true. If you get to know your co-workers and wider workforce, share your vision and goals, listen, and insofar as is possible give them what they would appreciate, you can watch your organisational performance soar.

On Monday 9th January, most people will return to work after the festive and new year break. Many will have set career dreams for the coming year, many will vow to take control of their work situation and make things better for themselves, many will opt to change their career completely and follow a different path. Career aspirations and choices are empowering, but we need to be conscious that much of the control of our career path lies with others; the outcome for a job interview for instance, or the opportunity for additional training and development, therefore workplace culture and work relationships play a big part in achieving our goals.

Predicted trends in HR for 2017 are; a strong focus on positive corporate cultures to attract and retain top people, employee experience, talent management and authenticity. In an increasingly competitive labour market, it will be necessary to stay ahead of local and global competition through valuing and developing the workforce. Workforce planning will be a key part of the organisational engine room. Increasingly I believe that whilst there clearly is a role for internal human resources expertise in organisations, Chairmen, CEO's and other Directors need truly independent advice on matters like executive remuneration and culture. Topical just now is how many top jobs can one person do?

So the first blog ever from Dignity HRS, I plan to update this at the very least weekly. I would like to know if you agree or disagree with the content, or if there are people management issues that you would like to see considered in the future, why not suggest some?

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