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Reflection on 2018

Looking back we had an interesting and busy 2018 at Dignity HR Solutions. Projects included investigating whistleblowing and nepotism allegations, working with different parts of public and private sector on strategic workforce planning, working with a major private sector company to help them win more contracts and a number of investigations onto allegations of bullying and harassment.

Not forgetting some interesting contributions to the printed press and wider media.

In my capacity as an Honorary Professor of the University at Dundee, I presented a number of guest lectures to undergraduate and postgraduate HRM students at both Dundee and Edinburgh Universities. The feedback from students about the extent to which they found the contact helpful was gratifying. Certainly I think generating links between HR Academics and Professionals is valuable to ensure practice is evidence based, and academic content is current.

I continue as a Trustee and Convener of the HR/OD Committee of Dundee Contemporary Arts and as a subject expert on the People Committee of the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service. Two very different organisations both committed to excellence in all that they do.

There are some potential new projects lined up for 2019 so all in all we are hoping to build on the success we have achieved since our establishment in 2016.

Thanks for reading our blogs. Please feel free to comment or come back to us with any queries


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