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Haba Na Haba

My favourite musician in the world is an Australian guitarist called Tommy Emmanuel. I listen to his music a lot. You can get a flavour of his music on YouTube. But if you ever get the chance to see him live he is utterly fantastic. He plays most years in the Celtic Connections music festival in Glasgow, and going to see him is one of the highlights of my year. One of his songs is called Haba Na Haba which is Swahili, the language of East Africa, particularly Kenya and Tanzania. The chorus carries the lines Haba Na Haba, Haba Na Haba, La La Salama, which translated roughly into English is, Little By Little, Your pot will be filled & your sweet dreams will come.

Mr Emmanuel talks about having faith and not letting anyone sway you from what you want to do. His advice is do what you want to do and get good at it. He suggests you live in the moment as the past is gone and you can't live in the future. I'd add a little to that which is, learn from the past, and make sure your little by little steps are towards achieving your goals.

Finally Tommy Emmanuel has the word "Trust" on the front of his guitars because "that's what it's all about". It seems to me if you are not authentic, and the people you work with don't trust you, then ultimately both you and the organisation round about you, will fail to achieve its potential. Perhaps something to think about in terms of your own management style and behaviour.


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